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A new resolution

Over the past couple of years now I have been sourcing my images with a high resolution digital camera, the remarkable Canon 5DS. It is said by some to be the best 35mm format digital camera on the market. Of course, the marketplace is so febrile that a new best has no doubt already arrived, but Canon's have the habit of making long term converts of their users. And I say that as someone who was, for many years, committed to that other great Japanese brand. I still have my pretty little Nikon F3 standing by for the day when I am ready to play again with a classic film camera. 


In truth, anyone using the 5DS for action work would soon get very frustrated by its slowness to recover after a burst of shooting and its limitations when dealing with very low light. But for generating the images that I seek to produce, this camera has proved a life-changer. The detail and character of the pictures it creates are quite extraordinary. My ambition to "paint" with camera is so much easier to achieve. The sheer amount of pictorial data that it reproduces can at last be compared to a brushstroke. Click on the images on this page, and you'll get some idea of the density of information available in each file. 

I can now work on a scale that was previously unattainable. Wall-filling pictures are a much easier prospect. I have gained  a new flexibility to print directly onto fabrics, acetates, metal and wood, as well as onto  fine art paper. And when I am collaborating with designers we can share a range of whole new possibility. This camera is an excellent example of new technology expanding the sense of what can be achieved - even expanding the mind.

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