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Artist curator   writer  filmmaker  photographer 



Selected exhibitions 


WORDplay, 44AD Bath /FaB22, Bath

(artist and curator)


Memorial, FaB21, Bath (artist and curator)

Listen, video FaB21 / 44AD Bath



Happenings @ Walcot Chapel, Bath (artist and co-curator)

FLOW Light&Air, Cotswold Sculpture Park, Gloucestershire

About Trees, Heritage Courtyard, Wells

Residency, The Walled Garden, Mells, Somerset


B-Wing, Shepton Mallet Prison, Somerset

Reformation, The Bishops Palace, Wells

Paper Structures, Spike Island Studios, Bristol 

FLOW Reflections on Water, The ICE Space, Bath; 

Movement, Access, Barrier, Tate Exchange, Tate Modern 

ActionReaction, Spike Island printspace,Bristol



LIVE, Walcot Chapel, Bath and other venues in the city

(artist and curator) 

Unity in Diversity, Gabriel Fine Art at 508 King's Road Gallery, Chelsea 



Digital Takeover, Bath Digital Festival

Law of Identity, 44AD Bath 

Time after Time, North Wall, Oxford (artist and curator) 

Conversations with the Wind, TTTFF, Totnes (artist and curator) 


Utopia:Dystopia, FaB16 Festival, venues across Bath

(artist and curator) 

Storylines, 44AD Bath 

Find another Bath, 44AD Bath 

Open Square, RUH, Bath

Direction, Centrespace, Bristol;  Waiting Room ­art and science 44AD with Bath University 

2015 Love & Death @ Walcot Chapel, FaB15 Festival, Bath​

(artist and curator)

Deck the Walls, 44AD Bath 

Out of Time, Gabriel Fine Art, Waterloo, London  

SAW, Red Brick Building, Glastonbury 

Still, 44AD, Bath 



Deck the Walls, 44AD Bath

Festive, Andelli Arts, Wells

Art of Nature 3, Balaji Temple, Birmingham

Eighth Wonder, 44AD, Bath 

Forest of Imagination, 44AD Bath 

Timeslip, FaB14 Festival, Bath 

Windscapes, Dorchester County Hospital, Dorset 


2013 Transformations, PhotoPlace, Middlebury, Vermont

Vinis Vinifera, Dalston, London;

Creekside Open, APT Gallery, Deptford, London

TM13, Real Fonderia Gallery, Palermo, Sicily

Lyme Open 2013, Malthouse Gallery, Lyme Regis, Dorset (Prizewinner)  



Colletiva 1, Garage Bonci, Pietrasanta, Tuscany

Immersive video presentation for Cultural Olympiad, ICCI

360 degree Arena, Olympic sailing venue, Weymouth, Dorset.

SCOPE, Miami, Florida;



Film presentations and talks include: ICA, National Gallery, Tate and NFT, London; Modern Art Oxford ; Ikon, Birmingham; Orchard, Edinburgh  

MoMA, Metropolitan, Whitney and Broadcasting Museums,

New York

Pompidou Centre, Paris

National Gallery, Sydney.



I have made films featuring visual artists as diverse as Rembrandt and Jean Michel Basquiat, Giotto and Joseph Beuys, Michael Nelson Tjakamarra and Anselm Kiefer. History, politics, belief and ideas run as continuous strands through my work as a fillmaker, but so too do the sensuous and emotional.


I have travelled the world as an award-winning filmmaker, most often in the context of international broadcast. This has taken me to more than 60 countries and has given me a wide frame of cultural reference. It has also given me the privilege to work closely with writers of the eminence of Edward Said, Alice Oswald, Simon Schama, Salman Rushdie, Edward Bond, Michael Gilsenan, Fay Weldon, Yves Michaux, Felipe Fernandez Armesto, John McCarthy; musicians with the eminence of Simon Rattle, David Byrne, Andy Sheppard; and dancer-choreographers with the eminence of Merce Cunningham, Siobhan Davies, Bill T Jones, Karole Armitage, Wim Vandekeybus, Tamasaburo. I have worked with hundreds of less illustrious people but that has not diminished, in any way, my sense of privilege to both represent and learn from them.


I was a co-founder of Illuminations, one of the most successful London-based production companies, focussing on contemporary culture. My photographs have been published widely in newspapers and  magazines. I have contributed as a photographer to several books and have been sole photographer on two. I am currently exploring the book as a medium, and juxtaposing word and image,


I am a member of the Artist' Network at the Royal West of England Academy, Spike Island, Bristol, and a committee member of FaB, Fringe Arts Bath, where I frequently act as a curator. 




Selected films for international television


STATE OF THE ART. A much-praised and much-pilloried six-part series on ideas and images in the nineteen eighties. Illuminations  Channel 4 /WDR Cologne. 6 x 1 mins

BFI Grierson award nomination.


SHOOTING STAR, a celebrated posthumous portrait of the American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Illuminations for Channel 4. 1 x 60mins


SHOCK OF THE NEO, a playful exploration on questions of originality in art. 1hr. Channel 4.


L’OBJET D’ART A L’AGE ELECTRONIQUE, a playful exploration on the status and value of art, made for the opening  night of the French cultural network La Sept. 1hr.


THE VANISHING REMBRANDTS.   An exploration of questions of authenticity, focusing on the Rembrandt Research Project, based in Amsterdam. 1hr. BBC / Arts Council of Great Britain coproduction.

Winner grand prize, Bratislava Film Festival.


IVANOV GOES TO MOSCOW  A study of actors under pressure, starring Ralph Fiennes, Harriet Walter and Bill Paterson. A journey with the company of Almeida Theatre to Moscow, where they performed Chekhov’s first complete play, IVANOV. 1 hr. Channel 4/National Video Corporation.

Indy nomination.


THE MERCE CUNNINGHAM TRAVELOGUE. A portrait in movement of the great choreographer. 1hr. LWT.


DANCING, an eight-part series  for  PBS in America in coproduction with the BBC and RM International . Filmed on six continents, the most ambitious presentation of dance in its social, cultural and historical context ever produced for television. 1hrx8. 

Malta Prize at the International Festival for Films on Dance, Paris. 

Dunlop’s episode Dance Centrestage final nomination Primetime Emmy.



David Dimbleby entertainingly puts the case for Dickens’ masterpiece. 30 mins. BBC.


LANDSCAPE AND MEMORY.  Three of  five films for an innovative series with the renowned historian SIMON SCHAMA. 5x40mins. BBC.


MASKS OF ARCADIA. An intimate portrait of a Japanese community under the pressures of change. BBC/A&E. 1 x 60mins


ONCE IN A LIFETIME. A video entertainment with the cult band Talking Heads. Illuminations for Channel 4. 1 x 80mins. 

BFI Grierson award nomination.


THE MAGICAL INDIAN ROADSHOW. The struggle by travelling entertainers to survive in modern India. BBC 

1 x 60 mins


DESERT DREAMERS. The story of the translation of spirtual imagery into the dot painting movement in central Australia. BBC. 1 x 60mins





THE SHADOW OF THE WEST. A collaboration with the Palestinian writer and intellectual EDWARD SAID. One of four films Dunlop made for the series THE ARABS. Video Arts/Kufic for Channel 4. 4 x 60mins


THE RIDDLE OF  MIDNIGHT. A documentary study of the generation of Midnight’s Children, written and presented by SALMAN RUSHDIE.  Antelope Productions for 

Channel 4/RM Arts. 1 x 75 mins.


OUT OF THE SHADOWS   JOHN McCARTHY returns to Lebanon for the first time since he spent five years in captivity there, as the hostage of Shia gunmen. ORTV for ITV Network. 

1 x 60mins


PALESTINE STREET  A two-part film to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the Nakba - the "catastrophe', as Palestinians describe the creation of Israel. This intimate and personal film focusses on a street in the ancient city of Jaffa, now a suburb of Tel Aviv. Al-Jazeera English. 2 x 60 mins.


FACES OF ISLAM  Personal portraits of prominent Muslims.

4x20 mins. OR Media for BBC 1.


FAULTLINES  An exploration of the complex relationship between religion and politics in six contrasting societies – USA, Iran, India, Brazil, Russia, Israel/Palestine. A collaboration with the writer/presenter JOHN McCARTHY.  CTVC for ITV Network. 6x40mins 


CHINA UTOPIA  An exploration of the renaissance in China a thousand years ago, and its relationship with the newly-awakening China of the twenty-first century. Illuminations/Muse Films, NY for Christiansen Foundation. 1x30mins.


THE WELL OF SACRIFICE, a dramatised film for the Discovery Channel, set in Mexico. It tells the extraordinary story of Edward Thompson, who discovered treasures in the Mayan city of Chichen Itza and smuggled them to the United States at the turn of the century. Atlantic Films for DISCOVERY  1hr. 


BARRICADES. The attempts of three young women in Lebanon to live “ordinary” lives through ten years of civil war. Thames, ITV  1 x 60mins 


THE GROWING PAINS OF EDEN and THE GARDENERS OF EDEN  Two films for BBC 2 on this extraordinary environmental organisation. Denham Films for BBC. 2 x 60 mins


NEW YORK CLEANS UP, LONDON PRIDE,  NETWORK CITY. Three episodes for a series on the changing face of modern cities. Open University Production Centre for BBC2. 2 x 30mins.


ARE YOU CAPTAIN CORELLI?  The extraordinary true story of Captain Amos Pampaloni, the survivor of a massacre on the Greek island of Cephalonia sixty years ago. Made to coincide with the release of the feature film "Captain Corelli's Mandolin". The year's most watched arts programme on BBC  2 in the year of production   BBC Knowledge/ET-1 Greece. 

1 x 60mins


TO THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN, an intimate film about a pilgrimage from a community in western Nepal to Mt. Kailash in Tibet. Vafe Productions for  FR3, NDR, BSkyB, UFA Non-fiction.

1 x 60mins  Prizewinner Teluride Festival, Colorado and International Festival of Mountain and Explorations Films, Toulouse. 


BANKING ON THE FUTURE An extraordinary enterprise conducted by street children in India's capita, Delhi.  Al-Jazeera English / ORTV. 1 x 30 mins.


EDUCATION IN CONFLICT  A study of children and young adults struggling to gain an education in Gaza, Afghanistan and Iraq. Qatar Foundation /Al-Jazeera English. 2 x 60 mins.


GOD’S BUSINESS  An investigation of the relationship between money and power in the oldest of the great multinational enterprises, religious institutions around the world. Reporter John McCarthy. Al-Jazeera English / ORTV. 6 x 30 mins.





LEBANON: The Next Generation

KURDISTAN: A State of Uncertainty

Primetime documentaries for BBC Radio 4 which I co-wrote and produced with my longterm collaborator John McCarthy.

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