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Welcome to a new venture in its very early stages. Each step is a discovery for me. I hope that some of these steps might be a discovery for you as well, or at least offer you something that catches your attention, makes you smile or maybe frown, proposes a new thought, suggests a new experience or stimulates you in some way, and possibly even touches you.

I am calling amaze a webzone. That places it somewhere between a website and a webzine. It is intended to imply a location, a space where images, ideas and experiences can be gathered together, and become more than the sum of their parts. Somewhere connections can be made - often connections that will cross boundaries and break through barriers. I originally called the zone SACRED SPACE but the words started to seem too heavy and loaded, too prescriptive and restrictive, so I have now chosen a name that suggests journeys, wanderings, peregrinations that can lead to discoveries or to dead ends. And this is a maze you can escape from at will.


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I am an artist. Whatever I have done I have sought to do with some level of artistry and creative purpose. I make no exceptional claims for art but I do believe it has special qualities, leading to special ways of seeing and being. Art encourages an intensity of focus, concentration and attention, as well as the other billion or two things it does. Like Joseph Beuys, whom I once met and talked with, and continue to admire, I believe everyone can be an artist. So I aspire to make this webzone a work of art. I have no guarantee that I shall succeed, but it will be my intention, every step of the way.


The amaze webzone is very young. At this stage, it is only a series of starting points. I expect it will take at least a year before it begins to convincingly take shape, and several years beyond that to properly reach its potential. What I am doing now is building a foundation, a set of virtual structures, zones within zones. I believe that the stronger the foundations the higher we can ultimately fly, the more inventive we can become. My ambition is to make a creative space, where image, sound and movement can be as effective as the word. But I have no sense of hierarchy - one tool is not more significant than another. And whatever I make, in whatever medium, I consider to be an act of writing


For now, I trust that there might be some fragments that interest  or stimulate you. I hope that some of these fragments may even prove useful. Or inspiring.  Perhaps you might be moved to make a contribution of your own - whether a sentence, an image or a developed sequence of ideas and imaginings. Undoubtedly, I have strong opinions and prejudices, and I shall air some of them here but - even at this early stage - I seek to present many more opinions and prejudices from others, rather than myself - and, most importantly, their insights and visions. You can offer your contributions via the CONTACT button at the head of this page.

Because my experiment, like most experiments, will take time to properly realise its potential, I am opening up this site to the potential of constant public view. I am uploading each set of developments and changes as I make them. Think of this access as being something like one of those small windows in the walls surrounding a construction site - as an opportunity to see change as it happens. And to wonder if the building will ever be completed.

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Brussels  Henri Cartier-Bresson (1932) 

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Snow Vortex, Sussex, England, 1999. Courtesy Chris Drury

"Those who search for truth are too conscious of the maze to be hard on others..."