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Welcome to a new venture in its early stages. amaze is somewhere between a website and a webzine. It is intended to be a location, a space where images, ideas and experiences can be gathered together, and become more than the sum of their parts - somewhere connections can be made, often connections that will cross boundaries and break through barriers. From the beginning, this is a website where you can come across new perspectives on familiar things, or accessible ways of encountering new things. 

At its heart, amaze is about creative responses to life, with a special leaning towards the visual, the musical and to words. This site is not afraid of words. It loves them. There will always be space for politics (in the broadest sense), values, belief, ideas and, inevitably, humankind's troubled relationship with the rest of nature - nature under siege. As it develops, amaze will increasingly become a creative project in its own right, encouraging a wide variety of people to make and leave their own mark.  

Each step is a discovery for me, the editor and principal author of this venture. I hope that some of these steps might be a discovery for you as well, or at least might offer you something that catches your attention, makes you smile or maybe frown, proposes a fresh thought, suggests an unfamiliar  experience, stimulates you in some way and, from time to time, touches you. Like most creative projects, amaze is essentially about people - people like you and me in many ways or sometimes people whose experiences and attitudes are very different from our own. 

Geoff Dunlop, Somerset, England

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The process of constructing amaze from the ground up is being conducted in public. Look in on progress (or otherwise) whenever you like.

Brussels  Henri Cartier-Bresson (1932) 

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Snow Vortex, Sussex, England 1999. Courtesy Chris Drury

"Those who search for truth are too conscious of the maze to be hard on others..."