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Welcome to a new venture. amaze is a gathering together of the opinions and creative responses of writers, commentators, historians, scientists and thinkers etc., to a world that inspires, confuses and frightens us - as it must always have done, from the dangerous days of our grandparents, back to the isolation and vulnerability of our earliest ancestors. In this age of mega-crises we definitely have reasons to be fearful but we also have unprecedented resources and skills to help us mend our ways.

Integrated into the fabric of this part-blog, part-webzine, part-website are the opinions and creative responses of artists in all media. In recent years my principal activity has been to make art and curate exhibitions. But a lifetime of wandering the world, asking questions, first as a writing journalist and then, for several decades, as a filmmaker, has given me ways of looking at the world (and the wider universe) that I can't, and don't wish to, abandon.


Imagination, empathy, emotion, sounds, visions, illusions, kindness, rage, laughter, tears, dilemma, conflict, resolution, catharsis, truth, lies, insight, knowledge, confusion, understanding. A ragbag of words that seem appropriate to this hybrid enterprise. It is still in its first year, and is still finding its way, as it always will be. One thing is sure, the creative dimension will increase its presence, as will the diversity of voices and ways of seeing.


Because this all takes time, and the first draft is rarely the best, I am exposing the making of amaze to the public gaze. You are invited to take the position of the two gentlemen in Henri Cartier-Bresson's delightful photograph, and glimpse at what is going on behind the canvas wall, or you can come inside and wander around as you please. One thing is for certain, amaze will never look or feel finished. There will be holes, dead-ends, things crying out to be deleted. But, hopefully, there will be something worth your time and attention. And there will always be a link back to a source of the original.

Geoff Dunlop, Somerset, England

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Brussels  Henri Cartier-Bresson (1932) 

If you wish to contribute in any way, please go to the CONTACT page and make a comment or propose a contribution.

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Snow Vortex, Sussex, England 1999. Courtesy Chris Drury

"Those who search for truth are too conscious of the maze to be hard on others..."