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Introducing a new website, a breath away from the beginning of time

 The amaze website was launched in the autumn of 2021. It had been preceded a couple of months before by a website with a different name and a different character. Both sites announced themselves as explorations, as I felt my way into the  website medium. I had designed the look, and shaped the editorial content, of several websites for others, but AMAZE, and its brief predecessor SACRED SPACE were intended as personal projects, with a distinct identity of their own. I knew that, if they were to grow, these websites would demand the involvement of other people, each of whom would need to bring something of themselves to the project. Inevitably the sense of a personal project would evaporate.


This need for the committed involvement of others proved especially true of amaze. By its nature, it immediately demanded that it be expansive. I soon discovered that I have neither the resources nor - more importantly - the will to follow its demands. When I curated a visual art exhibition in the early summer of 2022, and started writing a commissioned book in the late summer, I gritted my teeth and prepared to say farewell to amaze, for a limited time at least. Then it became obvious, a limited time would quickly become for ever.

Meanwhile NASA - the US National Aeronautical and Space Administration - started to release images from its fabulous and historically significant initiative, the James Webb Space Telescope. Quickly a more compelling plan, and a more focused concept, emerged. That is on the edge. Please click on the heading here, or at the top of each page of, to discover just how exciting this new venture is. Welcome aboard for a 13 billion light years journey into the depths of space, a breath away from the beginning of time, and a short walk to the nearest backyard.  


Geoff Dunlop



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