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Contrasting shows in contrasting cities
London - big, dynamic, multicultural. Palermo - crumbling, romantic, echoing with old ways of doing things. I am excited to be exhibiting in two such fabulous cities in the midsummer of 2013. In Palermo I am showing a trio of large, hanging, canvas scrolls from the FLOW series.
TM13 is an open competition exhibition, supported by Ars Mediterranea and the city of Palermo. It is being
held in the arts space of the Real Fonderia, a historic monument in the centre of the city. The show runs from June 26 to July 7, 2013.

The London event is the Creekside Open, the successor to the celebrated Whitechapel Open. It has already established a strong reputation of its own, not least because of its choice of prominent figures to act as guest curators. This year the gallerist Ceri Hands selected some 50 works from an entry of more than 2,700. I had the good fortune to have a print from the GO GENTLE series chosen by Ceri, in an anonymous selection process. The exhibition runs between June 6 and June 30 at the APT Gallery in Creekside, Deptford.
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