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​​Go Gentle



 An installation piece consisting of a video projection, accompanied by associated prints. 

Go Gentle reflects on transition. Departure and arrival.  Going and becoming. Ends and beginnings. Movement and stillness. 

A woman stands on a beach – at a point of transition, between tides. She is waiting. The water moves towards her. Nothing can stop this. Her only option is to leave. Yet she cannot leave. There is nowhere else to go.

Some people dream that they can intervene in this cycle of action, hold back the water, build barriers against the flood. Some people say that they should fight. Show their anger. Resist. They should refuse to “go gentle into that good night ... rage, rage against the dying of the light.” This is what the poet Dylan Thomas demanded. Some say he was motivated by his witness of the death of his father. Some say that this sentiment  is entirely an expression from within ... an expressision of his truculent determination not to be cowed, defeated, beaten - not even by death.

Go Gentle is not intended as a counter-polemic against this point of view. Perhaps life should always, will always, fight for its continued existence. But the piece does reflect upon the human desire to control, shape, transform and fight the inevitable. Could a barrier to the inevitable be built high enough – and, if so, with what consequences to those who continue to live.

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