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Designed to communicate​
I created Kailash Multimedia (now redefined and renamed as  Kailash Arts)  to  produce work in a wide range of contexts, from a single image to a 90-minute video, a radio documentary to an immersive installation, a live performance to a book.

Kailash was founded on the experience I have developed in close to 60 countries, working on  projects for worldwide broadcast, the internet, print and exhibition. I also work as a consultant in a variety of sectors, where visual communication and cogent ideas come together.

Before I concentrated my full attention on working as a visual artist curator, I crafted first-class content for  media corporations, arts and heritage organisations, theatre and performance companies,  charities and NGO's, plus a range of commercial clients. 

One of Kailash Multimedia's most exciting projects was its first venture into book publishing. ELEANOR VALE tells the story in pictures and words of the creation of a community opera of extraordinary ambition ... an inspiring fusion of the enthusiasm of amateurs and the skills and standards of professionals. For more information, click the ELEANOR VALE link at the top of this page.
Aljazeera; Annagram Team; Arts Council of England; Bristol Old Vic Theatre; BBC Television; BBC World News; BBC Radio; Circus Gerbola, Ireland; Channel 4; Christina Fallah Design; Counterwind; Courtyard Cafe, Somerton; Daily Telegraph; Dorchester County Hospital; Discovery Channel; Earthfare, Glastonbury; Etran Finatawa, Niger; Farrows Creative; Ginkgo Projects; The Grateful Society; Hampson, Williams and Kimble architects; ITV Network; Local World newspaper group; M-Shed Museum, Bristol; Motivation disability and development; Music for Health; Original Spinners;  The Prince's Trust; Sallyport; Savills; Sky Television; Stretch Mark Theatre; The Swan, Wedmore; Twisted Theatre; Whiteley Helyar; WDR Cologne; Wells & Mendip Museum; Winkworth; WNET New York; Yellow Duck Interiors; YouGov



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